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Jazz is a music of many interpretations and definitions. It cannot be limited to a single style.

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Fueling the Passion of Jazz Music Fans Around the World

Whether you are a longtime fan of jazz or just starting to get interested in it, My Jazz is here to help you learn more about this relaxing and exciting music genre. We encourage people to become informed, enlightened and emboldened to understand the history and culture of jazz. You will definitely be thrilled by the story behind jazz - past, present, and jazz's future.

Our Mission

At My Jazz we believe that this music has much to offer. My Jazz invites you to explore this genre. In addition, we want you to continue building your jazz music library, particularly through our affiliation with Amazon.

Explore the Wonderful World of Jazz

Jazz has many different categories influenced by musicians all over the world. This genre offers a lot of musical variety. The more you listen, the more you'll become acquainted, informed, and enabled to create and manage your jazz music library.

We invite you to explore American jazz of the 20th Century and real, smooth, and other jazz experiences of the 21st century.

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